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On the eve of World Environment Day on 5th June, multi award-winning transport and logistics operator Mobile People Powered Logistics has announced that it has been certified as a Carbon Neutral Business under the UN’s internationally recognised calculation ISO 14064. This makes it, the directors believe, the only independent operator in the UK currently, and the first independent haulier and palletised delivery business in England and Wales, to achieve this goal.

The business, headquartered in Birmingham and with a distribution and logistics centre in Aylesbury, focusses on high-quality supply chain solutions for palletised freight distribution, haulage, warehousing and fulfilment. With a team of more than 120 people and 60 owned vehicles covering all key industrial regions within the UK mainland, the company handles over 300,000 shipments per annum through its shareholding in Pallet-Track, and its own haulage and distribution fleet.

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