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It is a life story unlike any other – just like its protagonist. Mr. Wasim Ahmed is not just a successful academic, currently pursuing his doctorate degree at the University of Sheffield. He is a man whose accomplishments are a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit.

The term accomplishments does not exclusively entail Mr. Ahmed’s brilliant academic output. Once a young man crippled by social anxiety, Mr. Ahmed was faced with a tremendous disability, at a very tender age.

His issue prevented him from enjoying the simple things in life, such as visiting his family, and even, at times, kept him from performing simple tasks, such as leaving his house or going to the shop.

However, Mr. Ahmed fought back. Working towards improving his life, he learned how to harness his social anxiety and face the world, head on.

Once Mr. Ahmed came to the realization that nothing, not even his social anxiety, could come between him and...

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