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The way we work is changing. Freelancing is no longer considered a risky way to make a living. There are approximately 1.2m active contractors at any one time in the UK alone, and the contract market currently accounts for 88% of the UK’s £32.2bn recruitment industry.

From on-demand platforms such as Deliveroo, Handy and Uber letting people get money for ‘gigs’ either in their spare time or as their main source of income; to specialist consultants and professionals carving out their own niche. The Internet is letting more and more people strike out on their own and become ‘independent workers’.

Sonovate, the UK’s leading finance and back-office tech provider, has funded over £500m to recruitment businesses who place contractors. Helping these businesses unlock profit from their unpaid invoices whilst paying their contractors on-time.

Providing 100% invoice profit with a platform covering everything a business needs to fund contractors,...

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