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FEBRUARY 24, 2004, 3GSM CANNES: Samsung is launching a PMG Sleek Module. Bluetooth 1.1 compliant, the small form factor module (20.0×12.5×2.1mm) has been specifically designed for PMG Companion devices such as messengers, cameras, PDAs, and other portable devices.

According to a report published by InStat MDR, 'PMGs set to explode in 2004' the market for PMG and PMG Companion devices could exceed 110 Million units in 2007.

"Our PMG Sleek Module is the most competitive in the market today. We are looking forward to selling PMG Sleek Modules to PMG Companion manufacturers," said B R Choi, Vice President of Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. "We are pleased that an industry giant such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics joined the PMG revolution" said Jim Eun, President IXI Mobile Asia."This ads to the traction IXI technology enjoys in Asia and in the rest of the world."


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