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Spiffing Apps announces the release of "Put Things Off," the laid-back to-do list for iPhone procrastinators that helps busy people get things done. Eventually.

iPhone and iPod Touch users now have a fun way to focus on what's important and put off what's not, thanks to a new application called Put Things Off.

The brainchild of British developer Nick Cernis, Put Things Off helps busy people manage vital tasks while putting the rest off until later. For less than £2/$3, the app lets iPhone and iPod Touch users defer tasks into a virtual tray marked "Put Off". The app automatically moves deferred tasks back into a "Today" tray three days later, and users can mark the task as done or put it off again.

"It's a bit like having a nagging girl- or boyfriend," says Cernis. "Only with Put Things Off, you can turn the...

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