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North West residents will pour the equivalent of 15 double decker buses of cooking fat down their sinks this Christmas Day, consequently running the risk of flooding their own homes by overclogging of sewers, warns United Utilities.

New research has revealed that a turkey for 6-8 people produces just over 568ml of fat – more than a pint, equivalent to 1.1kg. It is estimated that 1.2 million households across the North West tuck into a full turkey festive dinner on Christmas Day, meaning that an astonishing 1,330 tonnes of fat is thrown away. This fat usually ends up down the drain, clogging sewers.

With the festive season fast approaching and Christmas dinner planning underway, United Utilities is urging people to dispose of cooking fat in the correct way – by pouring hot fat into a fat trap, letting it cool and solidify, and then throwing it in the bin. The water provider has teamed up with leading celebrity chef Simon Rimmer to educate people how...

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