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ManiMe-kids launches in UK

Manime bamboo chair

ManiMe is a fun and interactive range of animal themed children’s chairs designed to encourage independent dressing.
A valet chair for children.

Children are a great source of inspiration in our daily lives; however, they do have the ability to challenge parents and caregivers as they strive for independence at an early age. ManiMe evolved over several years in a household of working parents with two nursery and primary aged children. The morning routine could be especially challenging getting everyone ready to leave the house on time.

Designed and created by busy mum, Sebrina Greenway, this beautiful bamboo chair became integral in her organisation for the day ahead, enabling her children to choose their clothes and as they got older and set out their school uniform, PE kit or other required clothing the evening before.

Parents can help children place items of clothing on the ManiMe chair, ensuring they have everything they need for the day ahead. The ManiMe has the scale and dimension required to encourage children to independently dress themselves in a fun and interactive way. Parents and caregivers can then watch them succeed.

The ManiMe chair is available in two sizes, each with 4 designs, the bear, the tiger, the panda and the monkey.

• ManiMe Cub is a smaller simpler design aimed at nursery and younger primary aged children.

• ManiMe Graduate is slighter larger and incorporates a hanging rail for trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses.

The ears of each ManiMe are like 2 tier hangers for top layers such as jackets or school blazers with side slots on each chair designed to hang underwear and socks.

The ManiMe Mirror is made from aluminium for childproof safety and pairs beautifully with the chair, to complete the overall independent experience.

Each Manime is branded for authenticity and crafted from sustainable bamboo; a natural grass that has no pesticides and is strong and durable, empowering children and supporting the environment.

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