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-Survey reveals that Brits can’t imagine life without mobile phones-

It’s official – the mobile phone is the single most important gadget in our lives, ahead of laptops and iPods, a study by mobile phone retailer, Purple Gossip has discovered.

The survey found that 62 per cent of Brits consider their mobile phone to be the most important gadget in their lives and an astonishing 60 per cent cannot imagine what life would be like without their portable friend. As many as 68 per cent of respondents claimed that they felt at a loss when leaving their phone at home, compared to just 16 per cent who said they can quite easily get by without one.

The survey also found that handset usage has doubled in the last seven years and that almost 40 per cent of Brits are using their mobiles for up to three hours a day, with many citing new touch-screen, Internet and email capabilities as the main contributing factor for this rise.


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