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SquareLeaf™ launches and promises to kick start the UK Wi-Fi Hotspot Market.

[London, 1st August 2003]

At present a Wi-Fi hotspot user in the UK can log on to the Internet over Wi-Fi in about 2,000 hotels, service stations, railway stations, airports, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants. Yet a user has to pay different providers, and pay different tariffs, there is limited roaming between locations, it can cost more than £100 and the whole experience of connecting for the first time isn’t pleasant.

A new WISP (Wireless Service Provider) has launched claiming to offer the number one hotpot user experience. Hugh Sheridan, Managing Director of SquareLeaf™, says “For the first time in this industry, someone is thinking of the user rather than the locations. Users are going to drive the demand for fast, easy-to-connect, wireless hotspots and hotspot locations will appear where the users want them to. Users have told us they want to pay one...

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