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Shodement launches AI-Powered app to boost independent artists’ careers

Shodement App

Shodement, the London based entertainment platform has launched an AI-powered app to transform the way independent artists can manage their careers from their smartphones. The free app is a game changer for the music industry, giving artists worldwide access to resources of a major label company available on demand.

Since its launch in 2012, Shodement’s talent network has generated a combined 3 million views worldwide and its creative agency arm has delivered campaigns for major brands including Vogue, Adidas, Oxfam, Content Capital and many others. With over 400 completed music projects, the team has the ability to grow the presence of artists from zero to thousands of fans worldwide, irrespective of their background or genre.

Shodement’s focus is on the creation of the future music industry and supporting emerging artists, including talented musicians such as July Jones, Angelica Lopez, Olivia King and Piqued Jacks. The company is also behind the successful Global 12 Festival, London’s very own annual event bringing together new talent from all over the world.

"When Covid-19 hit, we saw an increased demand for our services, whilst most of our artists remained unaffected, generating thousands per month in revenue. This led us to build our own AI driven app that could make our resources accessible to artists worldwide. The process is simple – you sign up, the app examines your music, brand, social media and fans automatically and our built-in A&R’s will design your personalised growth strategy automatically”, explains Jay Lamusica, Managing Director of Shodement.

Whilst artists might have a hit record on a streaming device, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have what it takes to perform in front of 20 thousand fans or have thousands of followers that are loyal to their music. The Shodement app works on closing this gap, focusing on the key areas essential for the artists’ success – Music, Fanbase, Shows and Star Quality, empowering emerging artists to manage their careers easily and effectively via a major label in their pocket.

“Our aim is to multiply artist revenues worldwide, so our technology decisions will definitely outwork the competitors and enable powerful and unique opportunities to grow music careers. We’re extremely focused on delivering with precision, and accurate timing of the features and updates based on the true necessity of our consumers.”, says Alex Yenkalov, CTO at Shodement.

“Our team of developers delivered an MVP of 3 months in the space of just 30 days. The technology team that we will build at Shodement will be one of the most agile and forward-thinking ones in Europe”, added Alex.

“We believe our digital imprint will create the Russ, AJ Tracey, Jorja Smith and Burna Boy of the future. Independent artists will own their masters, and win independently with full creative control", concluded Jay Lamusica.

The app is currently on BETA, with a line-up of exciting features on the way to help equip independent artists to thrive in the music sector.

Download the app on Apple Store here.

About Shodement:

Shodement works as a project execution team with the overall responsibility for the success initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a music project.

Contact: Jay Lamusica, Managing Director
Phone: +44 (0) 7855902552