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Silk scarf design worn by Lady Sabrina

With new Netflix series 'The Gentlemen' taking the streaming world by storm, audiences find themselves captivated not only by the riveting storyline but also by the meticulous attention to detail in the wardrobe of its characters. Among them, Lady Sabrina, played by Joely Richardson, epitomises regal elegance, requiring the most luxurious wardrobe for a role steeped in British nobility.

The series delves into the intricate world of high society and aristocratic lineage, with a criminal twist, with Lady Sabrina's wardrobe serving as a testament to the commitment of the stylists in capturing the essence of British aristocracy. From the outset, every garment is carefully curated to reflect Lady Sabrina's esteemed status within the peerage, with a keen eye for tradition and luxury.

With luxurious accessories playing a crucial role in completing any regal look, costume designer LouLou Bontemps looked to traditional Read full release

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