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Stocksigns Group on Signage to Stay Safe in Summer

Danger Deep Cold Water

it is our duty to uphold the importance of safety to give members of the public a sense of security.

Statistics published by the National Water Safety Forum showed that across the UK in 2017, there were 255 people who lost their lives in accidental drownings. Many of these accidents could have been avoided with adequate precautions and safety measures.

Redhill-based signage specialist, The Stocksigns Group consisting of Stocksigns Ltd, First Call Signs and Messagemaker Displays supply a range of general and water safety signs which are in line with legislation and help prevent accidents in a range of environments. These include swimming pools, beaches, quarries, rivers, reservoirs and lakes. Stocksigns’ range of safety signage can inform the public on what to do when in contact with water.

Dangers that people may face are very cold temperatures, hidden currents, pollution and the inability to judge depth. Water hazards are not just confined to the beaches and coastline as around two thirds of all drownings happen at inland waters such as rivers, canals, lakes, and quarries.

Managing Director of Stocksigns Group, Danny Adamson said “As a signage provider for the industry with over 60 years’ experience, it is our duty to uphold the importance of safety to give members of the public a sense of security.

There are many different types of environments which have their own legislative obligations and material requirements. For example, we can provide signs that are weatherproof, resistant to salt water and non-corrosive making them hard wearing and long lasting. Our range spans those used in public spaces to those used in the most hostile marine and off-shore environments.

“In addition to this, for the last eight years, we have been working in partnership with RoSPA in aiding the prevention of accidents. Our number one priority is to use signage as an educational tool, especially for younger people to respect and understand the dangers that nature can pose to us.”

The team at Stocksigns worked on Torr Works flagship quarry located in Somerset. They were tasked to implement health and safety signage for the building, as well as supplying road signs, speed limits, wayfinding and water safety signs. The signage was used to ensure a compliant working environment for both staff and visitors alike.

Stocksigns Group is supportive of safety campaigns running in 2018. The Royal Life Saving Society UK ran a campaign which promoted awareness for water safety between June 15 and 25. The scheme aims at reducing the number of drowning and near-drowning incidences which occur throughout the UK each year. The key message is to keep families safe around water are to stop, think and stay together. RLSS UK warn families to look for the dangers, never swim alone and go with friends and family for additional safety.

To ensure safety standards are met around hazardous sites and to continue raising awareness for communities, Stocksigns offer a wide selection of warning signs for shallow water, sudden drops, deep cold water signs for quarries and more.

To view Stocksigns’ full range of accredited safety signage, please visit their website.

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Danny Adamson is available for interview and would be delighted to speak with you.

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About Stocksigns Group

Stocksigns Group started life as a screen-printing company in 1955 and have become the go-to company for the very latest in signage and digital printing. The business provides high quality signage for all situations and has made many bespoke pieces for places such as Gatwick Airport.

Stocksigns’ sign range also includes all forms of safety signs and general signage including Emergency Fire Escape signs, Road and Traffic Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Braille Signs, Photoluminescent Signs and Hazard and Warning Signs through to No Smoking Signs.

All of Stocksigns’ departments are expertly trained in the latest industry innovations, from keeping up to date with legislation to new developments in digital printing. The firm has in-house specialists in design, site surveys, production and signage installation.

The Stocksigns Group also includes First Call Signs and Messagemaker. First Call Signs is a leading provider in quality temporary signage for the construction, events and festival industries. It’s sister company Messagemaker is a UK LED sign and display manufacturer with over 20 years' experience.

Stocksigns is a member of RoSPA and the HSSA and its signs are ISO 7010 compliant.

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