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Deal Gives Arc Technology Access to the Award-Winning VIPRE Antivirus Solution; Expands Its Relationship with GFI Software and Increases Reseller Sales Opportunities

London, UK – September 9, 2010 – GFI Software, a leading IT solutions provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, today announced it has signed a channel partner agreement with Arc Technology, expanding the distribution coverage for GFI’s VIPRE® Antivirus product line, as well as building on Arc Technology’s existing relationship with the company.

The agreement with Arc Technology will see VIPRE carried alongside other products in the GFI family, broadening the number of resellers with access to VIPRE, and allowing them to engage in cross-selling and up-selling opportunities across the entire GFI range.

“Arc Technology will help us expand our go-to market strategy for GFI VIPRE. To support this we are going...

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