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Sutrue, creators of cutting edge medical technology, have created two new devices which are set to transform the suturing process and potentially save the NHS millions of pounds each year. The devices are a Handheld Suturing Device and Endoscopic/Robotic Suturing Device. They offer medics an alternative to hand stitching and were created by utilising 3D printing.

You are invited to attend Sutrue’s press announcement on 30th May 2018 and be among the first people in the world to create automated robotic stitches using a Zeus medical robot and the Sutrue Robotic Suturing Device. The event will also include an inspirational Q&A with a panel of thought leaders involved in the design, engineering, testing and patenting of the device. You will have the opportunity to compare sutures produced by the handheld suturing device with those produced through traditional hand stitching. Additionally, you will have the chance to view the device at the museum’s ‘Designer Maker User’...

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