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We’re A Nation of WAGS.....That’s Women Ageing Gracefully

Kim Basinger is 59 today....which is the age pin-pointed by a survey as THE year to start growing old gracefully. The survey also reveals that women are eschewing cosmetic surgery and fillers and believe that heavy make-up and mini-skirts should be given the heave-ho by the early 40’s. With Christmas party dressing on most women’s agenda in the coming week, choosing your party outfit and make-up could be a minefield if you are over 40.

The research, which polled 2000 women aged 45 and over also revealed that Madonna and Ann Robinson were the celebrities women say are ageing LEAST gracefully.

The poll by anti-aging brand Nurture Replenish Skincare found:

• Heavy eyeliner is out for women past 43
• 1/3 of women polled think false eyelashes are out by the time we reach 40.
• Nearly 40% say lots of blusher should go by 40
• BUT red lipstick is ok,...

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