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Hybrid working in a caravan - anywhere!

The Swift Group - UK's biggest motorhome, caravan and holiday home manufacturer

• New work-life choices have created a massive shift in the way people can now work
• Hybrid/WFH choices have created the option for people to Work From Anywhere (WFA)
• WFA: as a break from WFH, people are choosing mobile work spaces such as campervans, motorhomes or touring caravans so they can combine working and leisure
• WFA: work-life benefits include more spontaneity, freedom and improved mental well-being
• New trend: ‘blended travel’ - blending business and leisure (“bleisure”) to WFA
• New trend: ‘workations’ – working while on holiday – a new WFA lifestyle
• New trend: ‘digital nomads’ – working (WFA or in an office) while living in a leisure vehicle
• 80% of millennials say they will change jobs for flexible employers that allow them to WFA
• A YouGov poll says fewer than one in 10 people in the UK want life to return to...

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