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Syntec Press Release, 14th September 2016

Consumers in the USA and Australia agree with the UK
- contact centres should use new technology to shield payment card data from call centre agents & call recordings to stop fraud.

Syntec’s latest annual consumer survey has been expanded to include the USA and Australia, revealing that consumer concern about fraud in call centres is a global phenomenon.

Indeed, 4 out of 5 consumers across all three continents agree that:
“As a general rule, I don’t think organisations should be allowed to keep my payment card details in their databases”
(74% of UK, 78% US and 80% Australian consumers)

There are approximately 5,000 contact centres in the UK, 44,000 in the USA and 2,500 in Australia according to industry associations, employing some 3.3.m staff between them, yet the majority of consumers view the agents in these call centres as a source of potential fraud...

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