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As the new Parliament has prepared to open today, Dod’s Parliamentary Research team has been doing detailed analysis about the MPs who will compose it. One of the striking facts that Dods has uncovered is that a surprisingly high percentage of the MPs in the new Parliament come from only one generation: Generation Jones.

The generational breakdown of the new Parliament is as follows:
13 Generation Y MPs (born 1981 to 1992)
149 Generation X MPs (born 1968 to 1980)
291 Generation Jones MPs (born 1955 to 1967)
166 Baby Boom Generation MPs (born 1943 to 1954)
30 Mature Generations MPs (born 1942 and before)
(Source: Dods Parliamentary Research)

Many political analysts point to the strong connection between generational identity and political orientation. Similarly-aged children share formative experiences which create ongoing attitudes that strongly affect political behavior in adulthood. Political commentator...

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