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‘#TalkingPeriods’ campaign, set to challenge period taboos with real stories.

I know that I for one would have found it a lot easier if it was a subject women spoke more openly about.

TOTM is working with social media influencers to encourage an open conversation about periods, by sharing their own period stories, tips, and tricks; and encouraging others to share their stories.

TOTM is collaborating with social media influencers and real-life bloggers to encourage open and honest conversations about periods. Sending a positive message about menstruation, breaking taboos and myths, by encouraging people to normalise period talk.

Starting Tues 19th September, a range of videos and blog content will be posted across multiple sites and social channels by social media influencers, bloggers, and TOTM. Unified through the hashtag #TalkingPeriods.

The influencers will share their personal period stories, as well as tips and tricks they use while on their period. They will then encourage their network to share their own stories and experiences.

Every woman has had embarrassing ‘moments’ or a particularly bad period. And everyone has different, yet effective ways to manage symptoms. TOTM believe if people talk and share, we can help eliminate the period stigma.

In addition to the content from influencers, TOTM’s consultant gynaecologist, Ms Anne Henderson, will be writing menstrual health focused articles. These will be shared as part of the campaign, adding in education and awareness for those who engage in the campaign.

Host and social media influencer Emily Warburton-Adams (Insta @english_ems) is collaborating with TOTM on the campaign and said:

“As a complete advocate for talking about topics that have for so long been avoided I am so happy to be involved in TOTM's 'Talking Periods' campaign. As well as believing incredibly in the use of organic sanitary products I love the message that we're helping promote which will hopefully help many girls and further challenge the stigma around talking about the P word! Being a late starter with countless embarrassing stories I know that I for one would have found it a lot easier if it was a subject women spoke more openly about.”

Jon Wright, TOTM Marketing Director said:

“The silence surrounding periods is an outdated conduct. Women often suffer discomfort that they might be able to avoid, or even ignore potential health warnings because they feel they shouldn’t talk about their period. We need to do all we can to dispel the myth that periods shouldn’t be discussed, and I believe TOTM has a responsibility to not just support this change, but actively drive it forward.”

About TOTM

TOTM provide organic cotton period products direct to customer through an innovative subscription platform that allows women to sync the subscription to their cycle.

TOTM proudly talk about periods with a focus on educating their customers, working with a consultant gynaecologist to provide accurate, honest information.

Their slogan ‘Be Kinder To Your Vagina’ is not to designed shock, but to normalise. And it epitomises their mission to make periods better, healthier, eco-friendlier and a little more hassle-free.

For more information, contact:
Jon Wright
02920 098 822