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TOTM Period Pioneers

TOTM wants to change the way we think about, care about and talk about periods. They have teamed up with a group of real ‘period pioneers’ to inspire a period powerful movement. These women are standing for change, to raise awareness and show that periods are not embarrassing, and to highlight important causes that affect people with periods. The social media campaign includes videos from each pioneer, sharing their story.

One of the women featured in the campaign is Saschan Fearon-Josephs founder of The Womb Room. Saschan said:

“We live in a society which continues to uphold the narrative that the bodies of those who menstruate are messy, dirty and unclean. It’s time that we changed that. It’s harmful that we live in a society that continues to perpetuate the idea that discussing periods or menstruation is shameful and embarrassing.”

The campaign plans to get people thinking differently about periods. It celebrates period empowerment....

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