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The Jacamo Arm-in-Arms

A new London pub is opening its doors tomorrow, but rather than draw in the crowds with just craft ale, live gigs and a fine selection of peanuts, the aim is to get men ‘down the pub’ to have an open debate about the issues modern men face today.

Panelled discussions about the 2020 man will take place with personalities such as JJ Bola, Ben Bidwell, Dr Chris Morris- Roberts, Chris Taylor, Scottee, Kearnan Myall, Dave Allen & Luke Campbell MBE, who are available for interview.

The concept was borne out of research by Jacamo that confirmed men are most likely to meet their friends down at the pub (58%), however a quarter of men don’t feel comfortable talking to anybody at all about their feelings.

With all these feelings bottled up, the pub will create a safe space for guys to meet up and engage in conversation about what it means to be a man today.

Jacamo's first ever pub, the Jacamo Arm-in-Arms, is open to the public on...

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