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Datacentrepricing (DCP), the specialists in worldwide Data Centre research, today publishes a new report – Private Equity & Sovereign Wealth Investors & Data Centre Investment. The report reveals the massive investments being made in Data Centres by Private Equity investors worldwide, with some markets - including Brazil, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Japan, Poland and Portugal - being transformed by the large Hyperscale Data Centre investments being made by PE investors.

DCP’s latest research reveals that that Private Equity (PE) & Sovereign Wealth Investors (SWI) provide new impetus to hyperscale Data Centre investments and have become key players in the introduction of new facilities and also the acquisition of existing Data Centres.

Additionally, established Data Centre Providers (including Digital Realty & Equinix) are using partnerships with PE & SWI funds to fund entry into new markets (as in South America & Brazil) or provide...

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