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The latest 5G Pricing and Analysis from Telecomspricing shows increases in 5G pricing, speeds and data allowances: 5G average prices are now USD $79.97 per month in return for more data & higher speeds.

Telecomspricing, providers of independent research for the world’s telecoms industry, has examined the 5G pricing plans of 36 MNOs pricing plans as of the beginning of 2020, and finds that average 5G pricing has risen from USD $69.75 up to USD $79.97 an increase of almost 13% over the last quarter (from October 2019 to January 2020).

The main reason for the increase has been the inclusion of new 5G plans from MNOs in the Middle East which include unlimited or very high monthly data allowances - as high as 1,000 GB and up to 6,000 GB (or from 1TB up to 6TB (TB = Terabyte or 1,000GB) per month). As a result, the average 5G data allowance has increased to 303 GB - up from 56 GB as of October 2019 – due to the introduction of high allowances for...

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