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DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP) announces the launch of its new report called the Data Centre Clusters in Europe 2019 – The Key Hot Spots, surveying the 20 largest 3rd party Data Centre city hubs ranked by Data Centre raised floor space.

The findings reveal that the largest Data Centre City Clusters are Frankfurt, London and the Inner M25, Paris, Amsterdam and then followed by Slough (UK) – with Frankfurt becoming marginally the largest Data Centre cluster in Europe.

Data Centre facilities are set to expand in all of the city clusters surveyed. " DCP forecasts growth in Data Centre raised floor space to average almost 50% across all of the 20 city clusters over the next four-year period " - but with the highest percentage growth forecast to come from the Rome (60 per cent), Amsterdam and Frankfurt (both on 58 per cent) and Dublin and Geneva (both on 57 per cent) city clusters.

The largest cities in Europe typically account for the...

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