Skip nav (DCP) and Whetherby Research are pleased to announce the first Data Centre Pricing Seminar, a one day event to be held in central London on the 31st October 2019.

The Seminar is to feature new analysis of the European third party Data Centre market and key trends highlighting the growth in Data Centre space and power, the emergence of new Data Centre City Centre Clusters, and the importance of the Data Centre ecosystem based on recent research published by Datacentrepricing.

The aim of the day is to combine up to date market analysis with guest speakers across the Data Centre industry.

Held at the headquarters of the Institute of Engineers and Technology (IET) in London the Datacentrepricing Seminar Event explores the following key issues:

- An introduction to the Data Centre Landscape in Europe – with the key trends analysed by DCP followed by sessions including:

- " What is an...

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