Skip nav (DCP) has completed new research into the countries* that surround the Mediterranean Sea, providing a unique survey for the first time of Data Centres in the region. " The Mediterranean region has a population of around 500 million, served by just under 500 facilities with DC raised floor space of 1 million m2."

From the 19-country markets, DCP finds that forecast Data Centre revenue growth rates will range from 41 per cent (Malta) up to 106 per cent (Israel) over the four-year period mid-2021 to mid-2025, with an average growth rate of 67 per cent across the Mediterranean Sea region.

The growth in Data Centre revenues is typically composed of three core elements, the increase in new Data Centre capacity, increased customer utilisation and increased price levels.

But for each country market there are three key drivers of growth impacting the Mediterranean region as a whole including:
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