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TYM: Adventurous Eating

The developers behind the BAFTA nominated phonics game, Teach Your Monster To Read have launched a brand-new game aiming to get kids excited about fruit and vegetables. Teach Your Monster: Adventurous Eating encourages 3 to 6 year olds to try a rainbow of fruit and vegetables in a fun, tactile and engaging way using all five of their senses; touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste - a method that has been shown to help kids build a much better long-term relationship with food.

According to research commissioned by Teach Your Monster, a non-profit organisation funded by the charity The Usborne Foundation to make learning games, nearly 8 in 10 parents struggle to get their child to eat healthily, and almost half said they feel like they constantly waste food at mealtimes. While parents are desperate for their children to eat a wide variety of meals, 83% said they ended up cooking the same meals for them over and over.

Mealtime anxiety was experienced by...

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