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Tom McLeish - Energy Consultant at TEAM

When COP27 was announced it was billed as the COP that would be dedicated to executing the decisions made by nations. Ensuring that leaders and policy makers move from setting goals to implementing them, as the impact of climate change increases. TEAM Energy’s Energy Consultant, Tom McLeish explores what COP27 has achieved since the event 6-months ago.

What happened at COP27?

Some of the key discussions and decisions made over the two-week climate conference, included a new funding arrangement for the loss and damage for some of the most affected and often vulnerable nations. The UK government announced that it would invest £65 million to speed up the development of new green technologies and the US President, Joe Biden, made a speech in which he stated that the US would be taking action in cutting planet-heating emissions. Brazil’s President-elect, Lula Da Silva, also made a speech at the event, pledging to make Brazil the host of COP30, with the...

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