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Tom Anderton, Head of Customer Success

Looking ahead to a future post the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom Anderton, Head of Customer Success, considers how organisations will need to navigate and adapt to a new normal to meet climate targets.

We are without a doubt experiencing a period of unprecedented disruption. There’s not one person, organisation or sector that hasn’t been affected; and it is only right that the focus now should be on crisis management and immediate relief.

What has become more apparent in these last few months is the importance of population health. We know that a healthy planet means healthy people, which supports a healthy economy; so we must keep up the fight to protect it.

The pandemic presents us with the opportunity to think about the world of tomorrow. Calls for a renewed focus on tackling climate change have been increasing in recent weeks. As we look forward to the future, the challenge of net zero will still be there, but our means for financing and...

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