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Forest of Marston Vale

To mark International Day of Forests, net zero consultancy TEAM Energy, has announced it has become a corporate friend to the Forest of Marston Vale committing to plant a tree for every employee annually.

As an employee-owned business with environmental values at its core, TEAM has pledged an annual donation of one tree for every employee to be planted at the Forest of Marston Vale. This follows TEAM achieving carbon neutral status this year, and is supported by the business’s mission to become net zero by 2030, 20-years ahead of the UK Government’s 2050 target.

The Forest of Marston Vale is a Community Forest and Charity committed to the preservation of woodland and wildlife for the benefit of both people and the planet. Since its inauguration in 1998, the charity has planted over 2 million trees, across 12 woodland sites, removing over 4,900 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere annually, equivalent to the emissions from 2,000 family cars.
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