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• Employers are contributing less to women’s pensions than men: a result of the gender pay gap, career breaks for women and men working in larger businesses
• This could result in a £47,000 shortfall for women by the end of their working life
• Since 2013, women have received, on average, 1% of their salary less in employer pension contributions each year when compared to men
• The inaugural Zurich Workplace Savings Barometer analysed over 250,000 pension plans.

London, 22 February 2017 – There is a ‘gap’ between the amount that men and women receive in employer pensions contributions, which if left unaddressed could result in a shortfall of £47,000 by the end of a woman’s working life, according to the inaugural Zurich Workplace Savings Barometer.

Last year, on average, men under the age of 35 received £217 more in employer pension contributions than females of the same age. Furthermore, between 2013 and 2016, men have...

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