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August 13 marks ‘A’ level results day. It’s a day that fills students and parents alike with an overwhelming sense of dread and anticipation. The lead up is often tense, with the day itself delivering a range of emotions depending on what that envelope holds for you.

However, whether you got the grades you were hoping for or not, a career in IT could be your key to success in the ever evolving digital age according to Technojobs who have 20,000 live IT jobs on their website.

Perhaps you got the grades you were hoping for? Great! If you’re not sure what your next steps are yet then take a look into the lucrative world of IT and see whether an IT related degree could be for you. According to E-Skills UK there are around 16,000 Computer Science graduates in the UK, with a potential demand for in excess of 100,000. Tech city UK states that there are fewer than 2 applications for...

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