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‘Shape up your bump’ with Vicky Warr

Riveting reading for all mums-to-be!

The suggestion: A weekly/monthly diary or one-off feature that is a funny and honest, no-details-spared account of the attempt of one first-time pregnant woman’s attempt to stay in shape. She wants a cute, growing bump without a lumpy, spreading bum.

What makes this story special is that this ‘mum to be’ is one of the UK’s top personal trainers, Vicky Warr who specialises in women’s fitness and fat loss.

Vicky Warr is now taking up her own challenge: To allow her bump to expand healthily – but keep the rest toned up.

Can Vicky follow her own advice?

How does she manage pregnancy challenges like depleting energy levels, nausea, weird cravings and an increased appetite? Read full release