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mona lisa

Famous Masterpieces for every home

One of the biggest art phenomena to hit the US in recent times is the idea that anyone can own a Famous Masterpiece. Imagine having your own version of a Picasso or a Monet. The originals sell for millions, yet you could own an adaptation for a fraction of the cost.

The British Art Academy in Bath have brought the idea to England and is commissioning talented up and coming artists to create some of the world’s best loved works of art, making them available at affordable prices, to art lovers everywhere.

These pictures are not copies or fakes, they are adaptations of the original work. This means that although the artist works from the original painting, every picture is unique and individual. The artists who paint them are talented artists. This isn’t painting by numbers – only an extremely gifted craftsperson could mimic the style of the greats. It’s a representative adaptation of the original work,...

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