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With more people looking to get in shape like Olympians, London fitness instructors team-up with Fitness Unleashed™ - to help get Brits fit.

Brits being spurred on by athletes to re-think fitness regimes look to new fitness craze holiday providers Fitness Unleashed™ for fun health and exercise classes.

The SunBlast™ fitness holiday, being held on 1st-6th October 2012 is to be attended by Sarah Donohue, International powerboat racing champion, fitness model and presenter.

Fitness instructors include founder of Fitness Unleashed™, Craig Addison an international fitness presenter who runs some of the most successful Zumba® and Ceroc classes across London, Lindsay Jay specialising in body conditioning, yoga and Zumba®, and Jessica Zoo head coach of Zoo Fever Cheerleaders and the creator of Cheerobics®.

Craig Addison, Director of Fitness Unleashed™ says, “With a majority of the nation leading hectic daily lifestyles; many blame...

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