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Improve Sexual Satisfaction With The First Non-Surgical Labia Remodelling Treatment In The UK

- Protégé Intima is the FIRST energy-assisted system to offer women a totally non-surgical solution to labia remodelling
- The ONLY non-invasive treatment of its kind in the UK
- Enhances female ‘sexual satisfaction’
- No pain, no downtime, no scalpel
- £1,000 for 4 short treatment sessions

When it comes to a woman’s body there are certain parts most don’t like to talk about- especially the intimate areas. But a revolutionary energy-assisted device has just landed in the UK which promises to not only improve the appearance of ‘down there’ but also give the sex drive a makeover too- all for £1,000.

Many women who suffer from skin laxity around and on their labia minora and labia majora- the inner and outer lips to the vagina- complain about reduced sexual satisfaction and low self-confidence. Until now they have...

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