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The Dawn of the Superhero Dad: TheDadsnet Launches the UK’s first meet-up platform for Dads

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The Dawn of the Superhero Dad: TheDadsnet Launches the UK’s first meet-up platform for Dads

At the beginning of the new millennium, when Justine Roberts first took Mumsnet online, the parenting landscape was a very different place. While Mumsnet was conceived as a community where mothers could seek help and advice from other internet users, the needs of fathers went unanswered.

Roll on 18 years and things are changing. Parents now have the option of sharing paternal leave, while an increasing number of dads are choosing to take on a greater role in childcare responsibilities. From ‘Insta-dads’ to ‘dadvertising’, society’s perception of fatherhood is shifting. This summer saw the release of Disney’s Incredibles 2, featuring Hollywood’s first ever depiction of a superhero stay-at-home-dad. If the struggles of Mr Incredible - a father trying to single-handedly juggle the various demands of parenthood - show us anything, it’s that even superhero dads need help sometimes.

The idea that fathers should keep quiet about their problems is a myth that a new website, designed specifically for dads, is hoping to change. Previously known as The Dad Network, TheDadsnet is fully equipped with an active forum and directory, enabling dads to connect with other parents through over 70 ‘Local Dad Communities’.

The announcement has won the support of Duncan Fisher OBE, head of Research, Policy and Innovation at the Family Initiative, “Dads supporting other dads - there’s no other way. These are the pioneers of a massive social change, when men can care like women can work.”

TheDadsnet is launching with an existing membership of 16,000 members and a social following of 120,000. Through this active online community, TheDadsnet earn 500,000 impressions a week, with thousands of comments and reactions from within its communities and forum.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of parenting site and Netmums said: "As long-time supporters of The Dad Network, we're delighted to see the site relaunching and going from strength to strength. Just like mums need their own space to discuss difficult, intimate or personal issues, dads do too - and this is what the team at TheDadsnet provide so well.”

Dads can get involved by heading to, joining the forum, finding a local community of dads nearby, and following on social media.


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