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The Dawn of the Superhero Dad: TheDadsnet Launches the UK’s first meet-up platform for Dads

At the beginning of the new millennium, when Justine Roberts first took Mumsnet online, the parenting landscape was a very different place. While Mumsnet was conceived as a community where mothers could seek help and advice from other internet users, the needs of fathers went unanswered.

Roll on 18 years and things are changing. Parents now have the option of sharing paternal leave, while an increasing number of dads are choosing to take on a greater role in childcare responsibilities. From ‘Insta-dads’ to ‘dadvertising’, society’s perception of fatherhood is shifting. This summer saw the release of Disney’s Incredibles 2, featuring Hollywood’s first ever depiction of a superhero stay-at-home-dad. If the struggles of Mr Incredible - a father trying to single-handedly juggle the various demands of parenthood - show us anything, it’s that even superhero dads need...

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