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In a move to get people thinking more about the heritage of the simple chair, award winning company The Furniture Market have commissioned a beautifully crafted infographic entitled ‘A Brief History of Sitting Fashionably’. Capturing the sense of fun and self-expression typical of The Furniture Market, the infographic could, itself, become a framed centrepiece of a stylish home.

“We wanted to catch the sheer spectrum of what people through the ages considered beautiful and stylish, from the earliest stools through the extraordinary grandeur of seating for emperors and monarchs, to the return to simple lines in contemporary design,” a spokesperson for the The Furniture Market explained.

The infographic shows the evolution from mere bottom support to statements of wealth and power, from finely crafted and delicate pieces from designers such as Thomas Chippendale to the near indestructible monsters that graced our family living rooms in the 40s and 50s....

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