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Lawn Worm Casts - CastClear

For decades, lawns large and small have been plagued by worm casts.

The worms do a splendid job in the soil just beneath the grass crown, but it is a pity that their soil cast deposits pose such a problem for lawn owners.

CastClear is an organic non-pesticide control solution available to domestic lawn owners to deter the worms from casting. There are only five types of casting worms found in UK lawns.

Deter the worms from coming closer to the surface and the lawn will remain firmer, dryer, cleaner and grass cover over the winter will be retained. The lawn may be mown later in the growing season too.

Worm casts deposited on the lawns surface will quickly clog up and stick to the moving parts of cylinder and rotary mower and also accumulate around rollers and wheels and operators feet giving them the classical 1970’s platform shoes in no time!

The squashed worm casts rich in sticky worm secreations will...

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