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Hard work and realism are the keys to unlocking a successful freelance writing career according to a new book offering straight-talking advice on sustaining a profitable income.

Author and journalist Linda Jones has written Freelance Writing, Straightforward Advice from a Woman who Knows, five years after an earlier book met critical acclaim and was dubbed ‘the freelancers’ bible’ by one reviewer.

Those years have seen turbulent times for freelance writers, with lucrative markets shrinking as publications continue to close or freeze freelance budgets. For many, the best advice for wannabe freelance writers may be ‘don’t bother.’

But according to Freelance Writing, it’s still possible to carve out a successful living in freelance writing, so long as you have a strong work ethic, businesslike approach, can deliver and are willing to adapt.

In her introduction, Linda says: “I’d also say don’t bother – don’t bother that is...

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