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Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor is celebrating their 4th birthday in February 2022. The award-winning monitor, founded by doctors who are also dads, was designed to monitor more, so parents worry less. Offering practical features like breathing and temperature tracking, roll on tummy alerts and more, to support parents in their journey and provide peace of mind so they can enjoy the early months of their baby’s life.

Since launch, Bluebell has collected over 64 billion data points, including 1.6 million hours of sleep tracked to provide real insights into baby’s sleep patterns. Each day, Bluebell monitors over 17 million baby breaths - a total of 7.1billion breaths since launch - and 2.5 billion times routines were tracked, like nappy changes, feeds and expressing, providing analytics to form good routines with their baby.

Carla Berlin, Paediatric Sleep Consultant, says: “The data which Bluebell monitors provide is a sleep consultant's dream! At Snooze...

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