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Weaning Week, BioGaia & The Gut Stuff

With such a high percentage of parents using pre-packaged baby foods, Weaning World, The Gut Stuff, BioGaia and Lucy Upton have teamed up to provide parents with healthier recipe alternatives, advice and answers to their burning questions.

Weaning World has conducted a survey asking 660 parents how often they use or used pre-packaged baby pouch food during weaning.

80% of parents from the survey said they used processed pre-packaged baby foods during the first months of weaning.

The first 1,000 days of a baby's life are crucial for development - and pre-packaged baby food pouches may be doing more harm than good.

Pre-packaged baby foods have nutritional differences from home cooked foods that can impact the long-term gut development of babies. For example, a recent study** found that two-thirds of commercially available pre-packaged baby foods exceed...

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