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HANNspree Demonstrates the Future of Sustainable Embedded Displays with the New Paper Display at Embedded World 2023

Paper Display_Bus stop Taiwan_Night

The new HANNspree Paper Display overcomes the environmental factors detrimental to outdoor display performance and carbon footprint

Harnessing natural light to deliver outdoor performance and power dynamic displays for greener smart city, smart retail, smart edutainment, smart healthcare and smart manufacture solutions.

Experts in display, HANNspree, will participate in Embedded World 2023 to unveil revolutionary display technology that will enable efficient and sustainable applications for the future. The company is utilising the global platform to launch its new Paper Display and demonstrate to the trade fair’s visitors how the concept of smart display solutions can become a reality thanks to new Argentum Birefringence Display Technology by HANNspree’s parent company, HannStar.

The new HANNspree Paper Display overcomes the environmental factors detrimental to outdoor display performance and carbon footprint. Paper Display says goodbye to traditional, power hungry backlight technology that performs poorly in sunlight, and instead adopts HannStar Argentum Birefringence Display Technology which actually utilises ambient light to enable images to be viewed perfectly in direct sunlight, and, alongside self-developed power saving, reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to backlit displays. Paper Display delivers on performance too, boasting fast response times so that dynamic information can updated in milliseconds.

The new technology by HannStar will be available in HANNspree Paper Display ranging from 1.54”- 21.5”, creating extensive possibilities for solution applications. From wearables and handhelds through to transportation and digital signage, Paper Display is designed to be the best and most ethical choice for smart devices to create the smart city, smart retail, smart edutainment, smart healthcare and smart manufacture of tomorrow. HANNspree Paper Display is already installed in Taiwan having won a tender with the TaiChung city government and is successfully delivering a dynamic smart bus timetable.

Paper Display is born from the company’s new strategy to focus on realising the green evolution of display technology. Together, HANNspree and HannStar are working to bring about a new era of digital display and by doing so are supporting hardware manufacturers to meet sustainability targets.

HannStar chairman comments: “We have decided to invest in ultra-low power display technology and solutions for the future to echo our pursuit of helping to protect the planet. With Paper Display, we already make product design significantly more efficient, and we are also committed to reducing carbon footprint through materials, manufacturing and logistics. We are achieving our goals while delivering product that performs better. We are confident that with Paper Display, the smart display concept can become a reality and we are excited to demonstrate the potential at Embedded World.”


About HANNspree

HANNspree is a global consumer electronics manufacturer specialising in visual display technology. It is part of the HannStar Display Corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the largest glass panel manufacturers in the world, consequently HANNspree benefits from a rich heritage and world-class technological prowess in AV technology.

HannStar created the HANNspree brand in 2003 to deliver a new, exciting portfolio of products featuring extremely innovative design and the latest display technologies, aimed at the high-end consumer electronics market. Today, HANNspree offers a portfolio of Tablet PCs, Monitors and Multi-Touch Displays with advanced technologies and displays produced by HannsTouch – a subsidiary of HannStar – one of the largest touch screen manufacturers in the world.

The important worldwide technological heritage and the different synergies of the Group in the hi-tech business have made it possible for HANNspree to achieve a leading position in the global display market, delivering a comprehensive range of carefully crafted monitors to suit even the most specific requirements. HANNspree’s manufacturing capabilities enables them to offer bespoke display and touch solutions for business applications and hardware integration. The capacity and production flexibility of HANNspree, combined with the commercial and business one, has also allowed it to obtain important approvals at European level, with customized open frame touch display solutions for vertical projects such as automation systems and vending, as well as info-points and information kiosks in retail environments.

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