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Press Release: Fadata introduces new Ecosystem featuring best-of-breed technology partners for its insurance platform

Fadata - Neyko Bratoev

the new Ecosystem of partners enables speedy, seamless deployment of new technology capabilities from difference sources

Fadata now offers pre-approved partner solution to support and scale their insurance platform solution, enabling insurance businesses to scale flexibly with less cost and less effort. As one of the first partners, the portal provider Betty Blocks, is confirmed.

Fadata, a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, is enhancing the capabilities of its core insurance platform, INSIS, by introducing the future of insurance enterprise with the new Fadata Ecosystem. Designed to ensure insurance companies can meet changing customer needs and expectations with fast paced innovation, the new Ecosystem of partners enables speedy, seamless deployment of new technology capabilities from difference sources. With pre-integrated, approved partner solutions from tech leaders, insurers can select the best fits for their business, while reducing the complexity and cost associated with traditional integrations.

Thanks to an advanced microservice orientated architecture and integration mechanisms, Fadata’s core platform, INSIS, can efficiently inter-operate with other systems, paving the way for the new Fadata Ecosystem. With the Ecosystem, Fadata is extending the benefits of INSIS, by capitalising on the expertise of third-party vendors. From AI and Machine Learning portals through to email add-ons, payment hubs, and document management systems, Fadata is partnering with leading specialists in their field to offer a comprehensive marketplace and cement the forward-thinking ideal of enabling value-added, customer-centric developments with ease.

With Ecosystem, Fadata clients benefit from a whole, pre-made enterprise solution that offers peace of mind with pre-selected trusted partners. Rather than building an enterprise architecture from scratch, Ecosystem enables clients to partner with several vendors with ease and completely eliminates the need to source their own solutions. The collection of pre-integrated solutions in the Fadata Ecosystem are determined based on a thorough vetting. Fadata ensures that every solution meets high standards for reliability, security and compliance, plus license policies and clear pricing structures are pre-agreed. The Ecosystem is designed to enable insurance companies of all sizes to be scalable and flexible. Portals and apps can be selected based on specific business needs and can be added and removed as needed.

One example of a partnership in the Ecosystem is the no-code application development platform provider, Betty Blocks. Together, Fadata and Betty Blocks are well underway to ensuring streamlined integration in an open environment with extensive support.

Neyko Bratoev, Head of Fadata Ecosystem, comments: “Drawing on our extensive experience of the insurance industry, we have identified the needs of insurance businesses and built a solid foundation for a pre-integrated enterprise solution, supported by experts. Ecosystem is yet another step towards our goal of out-of-the-box digital solutions for insurers which eliminate the need for complex customisations and reduce the requirement for IT specialists. With INSIS we challenge the pitfalls of legacy systems, delivering insurance companies a flexible solution to ensure successful digital transformation. Now, with the Fadata Ecosystem, insurance companies can be confident of their ability to future proof as we provide the means to stay highly relevant in the rapidly developing modern marketplace.”


About Fadata

Fadata is a leading provider of software solutions for insurance companies globally. We are on a mission to empower the insurance industry to drive customer engagement, innovation and business value. Together with our customers we are on a journey to build the future of insurance and impact millions of people’s lives every day.

Fadata has clients in over 30 countries across the globe. Headquartered in Munich, with international offices in more than 5 European cities, Fadata is backed by Private Equity Riverside and Lowell Minnick.   
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