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MumPanel, a specialist insight and marketing consultancy for the family market, has released results from its UK study on mums’ consumer behaviour.

With the growing purchasing power and influence of mums well documented, the The Big Mum Opinion provides access to authentic insight that will enable a deeper understanding of mums in 2014.

The Big Mum Opinion has documented the experiences of around 3,000 mums and looks at specific modern-day themes for mums such as the rise of social media, mums' trusted sources of influence, consumer engagement points, brand loyalty, and the impact of children on mums’ purchasing decisions, plus much more. This information has been mapped and key topics identified that brands can tap into when connecting with mums.

MumPanel's ‘Mum Mapping’, exposes some of the key motivations, influences and expectations that spur mums on to select certain products, services or brands for themselves, their families and...

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