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Inland Sea's carbon footprint T-shirt

Ethical retailer makes a splash with first of-it-kind seaweed fibre fashion

In a bold move intended to help in the fight against climate change, one independent retailer is seeking investment into seaweed farms while launching a 100% biodegradable clothing range made from seaweed fibre.

Inland Sea is the brainchild of keen surfer and outdoor enthusiast, Adam Costello. He opened the business in 2017, after being concerned about the amount of plastic pollution in UK cities, that would eventually end up in the sea.

After learning of the benefits of seaweed as a mass absorber of C02 and how fibre can be created from the substance, Adam, this month launched a Kickstarter. Called ‘Does my carbon footprint look big in this’, it has an initial target of £13,444. Pledges can be made from as little as £10 with rewards including early bird and ‘design your own’ t-shirts, and...

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