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To mark the day when humanity has officially used up ‘nature’s resource budget’ for the entire year, (Earth Overshoot Day), new research by sustainable fashion brand, Thought, investigates why we don’t fix things anymore.

• Only a third of the UK (36%) repair their clothes when they break
• One in four (25%) choose not to mend clothes because ‘it’s easier just to buy something new’
• A fifth ‘can’t be bothered’ to repair broken clothes and one in seven (14%) ‘don’t know how to’
• A third of Brits (33%) admit they wouldn’t know how to sew a button back on if it fell off

29th July 2019: New research by sustainable fashion company, Thought, reveals one in seven Brits (15%) throw their clothes in the bin if they become broken or damaged – that’s more than eight million people in the UK, and only a third of us (36%) choose to save our clothes by repairing them....

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