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- guide provides tips and guidance for homeowners seeking durable, low carbon impact roofing solution -

25 July 2016 - Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA), the trade association for this exciting technology, has published a new Homeowner Guide for Single Ply Roofing to raise awareness and provide helpful guidance to homeowners seeking a durable roofing solution with low environmental impact for their home renovation or construction project. The guide provides concise help on design; materials; choosing a manufacturer and contractor; insurance and durability. There are also useful checklists for key stages such as obtaining quotations.

As the number of homeowners in the UK opting to renovate their properties, rather than move home, continues to grow, the search is on to find construction solutions that have low environmental impact, but that are both durable and more cost effective. Nowhere is this more evident than in the roofing sector, where...

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