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LONDON, UK - Synthesized, the leading all-in-one DataOps platform, has today released the world’s first data centric open-source library for identifying data bias and driving fairness in decision-making.

FairLens is an open-source Python library which allows data scientists to automatically discover hidden biases and measure fairness in data.

FairLens is instantly accessible and available in GitHub where Python developers can integrate FairLens into their workflow, collaborate or help develop new features.

Denis Borovikov, co-founder and chief technology officer at Synthesized, said: “The goal of FairLens is to enable data practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of their data, and to help ensure fair and ethical use of data in analysis and data science tasks.

“FairLens is a mathematical framework that we have developed as a starting point for discovering data bias. Synthesized is now calling on developers to get...

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