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By Camille Knowles, health coach, skin positivity champion and author of ‘The Beauty of Eczema’

Summer is here and while most people are thrilled by the concept of jetting off overseas, travelling can cause havoc for those with eczema and other skin conditions.

Despite living with severe eczema all her life, 27 year-old Camille Knowles has learnt to embrace travelling around the world. Here, she shares her top tips to make it easier for others to manage their skin while going on vacation or a big trip.


Humidity and moisture levels are significantly reduced while on a plane and so to keep your body in its natural state it’s important to drink water every hour, protecting your skin from drying out. Sometimes adding extra electrolyte drops to your water bottle can give you further hydration.

After a long flight, you can relieve any stress from travelling by soaking in a salt bath bath. Immersing your...

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