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One of the UK's leading Family law Barristers has urged parents to know their legal rights ahead of schools potentially reopening on 1st June. With government rules and advice constantly evolving many parents and teachers have commented that they don't feel safe sending their children back to school. Here we have some expert comments from Paula Rhone-Adrien, award winning Family law Barrister who clearly explains to parents what their legal rights are during this confusing time, relating to education and keeping children off school due to the pandemic.

The title 'key worker' has subtly changed to one of 'critical worker'. The government's definition of a critical worker replicates that of a key worker. If you fell into the category of a critical worker (as appearing on the government's critical worker list) then this meant provision for your child to remain at school during the lockdown restrictions, unless, you could safely care for your child at home.
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