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Burn fat with chocolate by Callum Melly the UK's leading fitness expert and founder of

That's right, you might not be able to have your cake & eat it, but you can have your chocolate & burn stored body fat!

That being said, your chocolate does have to be at least 70% dark chocolate - the higher the cocoa concentrate the better! 85% is my favourite as it's smooth, rich with a sweet bitter twang!

Ideally you should be substituting your Cadburys Dairy Milk for cacao rich foods such as 100% raw chocolate or raw cacao nibs which are rich in natural raw cacao! Now you may think I have miss spelt cocoa here, but in fact there is a significant difference between cacao & cocoa rich foods.

Any food product that is derived from cacao beans can be referred to as cacao. For example, the nuts & seeds of the cacao tree are then used to produce cacao paste, cacao butter, cacao nibs & of-course cacao powder. These are the "raw"...

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