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- Brits log into banking apps over 11 million times a day

- £2.9 billion is transferred using online banking per week in the UK

- RBS seen a 43% drop on in-branch transactions

- In Branch Transactions down 6% since 2014

- Rural areas to suffer from closures

Following the news that Lloyds Banking Group will close more than 200 branches, with 3000 workers set to lose their jobs, the future for high street banking looks ominous.

The company blamed Brexit uncertainty on the job losses, but the bank has been steadily slimming down their workforce as far back as 2014 as part of an efficiency drive to save £400 million. So far the total number of job losses stands at just over 12,000.

Rival banks have also been cutting their workforce in the wake of increased online banking and diminishing transactions within branches.

In the past year, 600 branches across Britain have...

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