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London production company, Hibbert Ralph Animation, has developed a proprietary software-based storyboarding and pre-production management system, Redboard, which has been purchased by Lupus Films and The Picture Production Company (PPC) to aid in the production of a new CG animated children’s series called The Hive. Redboard is being considered by a number of production companies and studios around the world but Lupus Films and PPC are the first to take advantage of Redboard’s special introductory pricing for use on commercial productions.

Lupus Films and The Picture Production Company invested in Redboard to drastically reduce initial storyboarding costs, so as to make the storyboarding process considerably more accurate and therefore minimise expensive changes further down the production pipeline.

By using game engine technology, Redboard is able to preview storyboard panels in realtime, providing a simple but accurate CG representation of the...

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